PIMA Plastics
Established in 1982, PIMA Plastics is primarily a "custom molder" we manufacture a wide variety of plastic parts for clients across a broad range of industries.  

PIMA Culture
PIMA prides itself on being steeped in tradition and providing a stable platform for the work-life balance.  We are a seventh generation manufacturer that uses recycled materials whenever the application is practical and employs people with intellectual and physical disabilities whenever possible.  Our employees enjoy 3 day weekends and are compensated for 8 hours of overtime every week.  The plant runs 24-hours, 4 days per week and does routine maintenance on Friday's.  The basic philosophy at PIMA is "Make money and have fun"

We offer in-house design for parts and tooling and can build the tools here in Tempe. To discover other services we offer please visit the Services tab above.

We currently have 19 injection molding presses ranging in capability from a 50 ton for very precise parts to a 500 ton for large parts with a 42 oz shot capacity. 

Need an alternative to Injection Molding?
We have you covered: Synergistic (Blow) Molding.
In some cases, this process is much better suited to the customer’s particular project or application. 

At PIMA, we work with a variety of plastic materials, and have the necessary equipment and staff to provide customers with a diverse array of manufacturing solutions. 


  • Challenge the status quo
  • Anticipate customer needs and respond in an innovative way
  • Fast start-ups and on-time deliveries
  • Ship to stock
  • Manage the complete project
  • Cutting-edge engineering

We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service, along with reasonable prices and quality workmanship.
Pima is ISO 9001-2008 Certified. Over the last 25 years, this business has earned an excellent reputation with both customers, and peers.

We are Underwriters Laboratories certified.  Safety is a sincere concern and we want you, as the consumer, to be at ease when working with us. Find out more about UL Certification here

Questions? Click Here
PIMA recently acquired many new machines, employees, and customers in an asset buyout with another injection molder in Phoenix.  PIMA is excited to expand in business with this acquisition and also in physical manufacturing space as we are undergoing a remodel and addition to our facility! Check back soon for updates.
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